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[sid:cup] noun

A name first recorded in 1254 (as Cetecopp) and derived from Old English words meaning a 'fold in a hill'. 


Hello Sidcup!


The Fold is a new Bar & Drink merchant and the bricks and mortar arm of The Horse & Box (Ltd.) - which is where our story began. The Horse & Box is a mobile bar business which has operated mobile bars across the South East and London since 2019. We continue to cater for all types of event with our mobile bars including Weddings, Birthdays, Festivals, Corporate and Public events but it has always been an objective of this business to open a fixed site premises and we're excited that we have now reached this milestone. Better still, we're opening in our home town of Sidcup and are replacing a previous vacant unit in the middle of the High Street. After over a year of planning and construction we opened on 15th December 2022.


We have a personal interest in the success of not only our business, but every business in the area to ensure our local economy continues to grow and our High Street transforms in a way that it can thrive from changing consumer demands and ways of living. This is why, wherever we can, we have used and will continue to use other local businesses to fit out the bar and supply us with what we sell or display. This will not take us away from offering those recognisable brands that many love but for those looking for something a little more unique or closer to home then you'll always find a selection that may take your fancy. Keep an eye out when you're in the bar as we'll always tell you when something is supplied by another local business. Most of what you see or drink in our bar can also be purchased to take home so just let us know if something catches your eye or hits your taste buds! 

The Fold, takes its name from the Old English meaning of the word Sidcup 'fold in a hill' and, seeing as it is pretty much on top of Sidcup Hill, it seemed to suit!

We look forward to welcoming you to the bar soon and please follow us on social media for updates and more!

The Fold Team

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